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CAX Solutions

CAX Solutions is an "engineering software training centre" in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

We offer courses for engineering students (Diploma / BE/ ME / PhD) in the fields of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Computer Aided Machining (CAM).

Our courses are VERY SPECIAL and FOCUSSED towards few branches in Engineering



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CAX Solutions is offering courses that are aimed at developing the skill sets of
the budding engineers and industry working professionals.
The courses are tailored to be INDUSTRY relevant
The courses DEVELOP SKILLS needed to be an expert

Recent News

CAX Solutions wishes all its partners, employees, students and business associates a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.
  - CAX Management

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Limited seats only available per batch !!

Professional Service

CAX Solutions is the only centre in India which offers a variety of courses in almost all fields of engineering analysis, using state of the art software, that are used extensively in industry and academia. 
CAX Solutions is the software training division of the fast growing engineering services provider "Solv Numerics Engineering Services" based at Chennai. 
Solv Numerics was founded by a group of Alumni of IIT Madras in 2011.  
More details of services offered by Solv Numerics can be found at

What we offer

CAX is an acronym which represents in three major divisions - CAD, CAM & CAE.
CAX Solutions presently  offers various training programs in CAE and CAM. For more details of the courses offered, please visit our web page "Courses Offered".

CAE includes engineering analysis of structural, thermal, fluid flow, electromagnetics, acoustics and various other multi-physics problems.